Techniques to Lure Casino Guests

Casinos have spent millions of dollars in advertisements and techniques to lure a prospective guest into the casinos; many have failed but a lot more have succeeded. Casinos indeed use techniques to lure casino guests into the playing field. We will give you an overlook on the different techniques to lure casino guests. If you are a casino owner or manager, then listen up and if you are a casino guest then watch out for these.

Let us start with the advertisements that the casinos send out to lure casino guests. These advertisements can come in form of leaflets, posters, and as radio or TV advertisements. The advertisers often use the term "loose" to promote that the slot machines in the casino are loose and have a high payout rate. There used to be a time when pamphlets promoted a casino's slots as the loosest, but this term was prohibited by the Nevada law later on because no one can claim their slot machines to have the highest payout in whole Nevada.

Once you enter a casino you will notice the significant sound that is being emitted from many slot machines. You will hear ringing slot machines, sometimes winning slot machines but the most important sound to lure casino guests is the noise of the coins falling into the metal bowl. This metal bowl is made of special metal that is supposed to emit this noise to create the feeling of money being won all over the casino floor, which will then lure casino guests into playing slot machines.

Another technique used to lure casino guests into playing longer, betting more, and most importantly coming back is the comps technique. Comps are complementary tickets that you receive from the casino. These tickets are given to everybody who has played for a certain amount and used a certain amount of wager. The one who loses the most receives comps that reflect a percentage of your loss to ensure that you will return to the casino. Comps can be free beverages, free meals, free money or chips, free hotel stays and even free travel fare.

Another way to lure casino guests is by color and decoration of your casino. The casino should have warm earthy colors to make the player feel comfortable and studies have shown that the guests feel more comfortable in smaller spaces rather than bigger ones because they emit privacy and comfort.

These are the most important techniques that are used to lure casino guests. If you are a casino owner then you should not forget to make use of all these luring techniques and if you are a guest then you should watch out that you will not be swayed into excessive gambling.

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